More Background on the Author and his Secret Life

I wish to share more with you around my background, which becomes important as more is released about what I have been doing behind the scenes at the highest level of the Global Reset/RV.  And to be fair, creating clarity about what this exactly means and what has actually been the true case from one who has been involved and receiving highest level intelligence reports concerning same.

Once you have listen to the interviews I have listed under “about author” and references to my private life and work in my bio, it begins to come clear that I have put my life on the line and have but heads with the opposition for over 20 years. To be clear the opposition are called the Cabal or Dark Hats.  They have full well known my full real name and my effort to affect what I termed “Global Transformation” over 2 decades ago.

I am one of these individuals that woke up at a very early age. I was aware of many things in my 20’s some 30 years ago. I knew the system was broken and humanity was essentially enslaved by the 1% who controlled the money e.g. banking system.

It has been an incredible journey, one that started when I went to work at the Pentagon when I was 25. This was due to the computer system that my Father invented in 1967. This system would become the one that ran the Federal Reserve Banking System, along with the IRS, DIA, CIA, NSA and FBI.

My experience of working at the DIA brought me exposure to a density that was very uncomfortable. Thank goodness my Spiritual life and experiences of being connected to my higher self guided me through brushing close to the flame. This would become even more undesirable as I began to work for the New Banking System.  The main reason to build a new system was to stop the Dark Hats from stealing the Chinese Elder’s funds and. to create more funds for important humanitarian projects, such as cleaning up the ocean.

Now that we are on the cusp of the activation of the Golden Age, it is time for all things to be revealed. Disclosure has been a topic for some time now. Thanks to people like David Wilcock and Corey Goode it is becoming more main stream. I have attempted to provide intel to both of these individuals, but to no real avail. They are doing their part and I am doing mine. It has been my personal path for 20 years, since I knew about the opposition and the controlling aspects before anyone even told me about it, albeit with the system that my Father invented. The intent was to create a system that made it easier to create systems that would monitor and track information for businesses. It is no wonder that it became of great interest of the controlling factions.

It has always been my intent to help, inform and shift all the density to a higher place with true freedom of choice. I have not been able to more fully inform you until now because of the need for privacy for protection.

I will be doing more disclosure in several venues in the weeks and months to come. And because the other avenues for disclosure have not opened, my team is creating our own venue.

My Spiritual life and quest to uncover the deepest hidden wisdom continued to expand in a parallel path and was my saving grace and solace, however juxtaposition to the heavy reality of Dark Entities desiring to exterminate billions of people.

Many people have been on the front lines, risking their lives for the light, this group has been called the Earth Alliance. I am happy to say that, after decades of arresting corrupt bankers and taking down Cabal leaders, the end is very near for them. And the activation of a New System is close at hand.









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  1. I look forward to the journey as you have now come into my life from a variety of angles. Thank you for your dedication and spiritual compass as we all try to bring this planetary healing to a crescendo. Bless your Heart!

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