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  1. Yes please send me updates. I am hoping, praying and urgently requesting my ‘Activation’ of Who I am, what is my part in this amazing global awakening. Fortunately, I have purchased the seals to sit on for activation. I am an ‘Inpatient Bride’ type person, (anxious to assist) researching like mad, and wanting the Golden Age for ALL. I have always felt like a Theater Usher ( you know the young kid with the funny hat that escorts people to their seats). (Wayshower)(?) But at 62 IT IS TIME TO KNOW MY PLACE AND PURPOSE. I have listened to you and Ms M’s shows, ( love them by the way DO MORE! I had a reading with Ms. M I am a strong intuitive, now clairaudient, third eye is opening. I’m on the clock here. Need Activation, so I can roll up my sleeves and pitch in…
    Mathew, can you activate me ( do a session over the phone). I feel drawn to your workshop in Sedona on the 27th and 28th of July. I also have a very strong pull to the area of Mount Ida, Arkansas. The pure clear quartz energy and deposit is amazing! You must go there to experience it. A great Geo Location is the Wegner Crystal Mine ( south of Mount Ida). Big Hugs, Maria

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