Wow. I saw how the seal powers the universe. How this is the key to unlimited potential. Amazing how much wisdom is put into the seal.

Hi M,
The activator found its way to me! Thank you so much! I look forward to working with it. I also ordered the large one which should be here before the end of the month! I have been using the original activator every day and it feels like an infusion of light. Thank you so much for this device!
Nanette Nerman
Glory be….
and thank you.
I’ve been engaging with the 7th seal image you sent me, while practicing my disciplines.
Recently invoking St Germaine to assist in my expansion of language and symbols to be
downloaded and translations.
Using the threefold flame of the 4 & 5th seals to open and bridge from the lower frequencies
to the higher consciousness, .I’ve had numbers come to me.
I wasn’t sure what they were or why. I even played a lottery with them.
And now I ‘see’ what is unfolding in your email. I love the clarity.
Wow. You can’t make this stuff up.
I am happy to plan a trip to Sedona for activation this summer.
I lived in Tempe at one time and love the area.
I’ll put my pennies aside (or win the Lottery) for the trip.
Blessings to you.
I appreciate you.
Stay safe and BE well and Happy
Heart Healing
I am a healer and work with energy and am very sensitive. When I held the Seal to my heart the energy was very big, it felt like it was lifting and expanding. It actually went right into an area in my heart that I had been working on to heal and it very quickly healed it.  I am so grateful!  – Brenda

When I sat on the seal and closed my eyes, I felt the energy open up my first and second chakra and with a great expansion energy it built energy and pushed up to my higher centers. When it reach my third eye I saw a series of codes coming in. I was three waves of 7 sets.  After that I saw 22 and this opened up like a golden key, my crown chakra. I went online with my multiverse Selves.  This was truly incredible as it really to me to the next level of my awakening!

Thank you so much M!


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Thanks in advance!