7th Seal Hidden Wisdom Unveiled Vol 1-3

Volumes 1 & 2 are available now on Amazon. Volume 3 is in post production and will be available soon.

7th Seal Hidden Wisdom Unveiled Vol 1: A Journey of Self-Discovery (Gnosis Unveiled) (Volume 1)

Volume One: A spiritual initiation into the hidden wisdom about the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the Gnostic Jesus, Moses’s true identity, Imhotep and his Esoteric Meta-Numerology, Astrology, and Astro-Theology interconnected with deeper aspects of ancient Sacred Geometry. Discover the key to cracking the Orion Mystery and the precise location of the Hall of Records. Understand the divine mechanics of the Bible Code and creation itself. Accelerate your own activation, awareness, and enlightenment. The majority of this material and the premises established throughout the entire series are unlike anything you have seen or heard before. Bible Code, Orion Mystery, Mystery Schools, Gnostic Jesus, Sacred Geometry, Ascended Masters, Numerology, Astrology, Pyramid, Ascension, Isis, Sophia, Goddess.



7th Seal Hidden Wisdom Unveiled Vol 2: A Journey of Self-Discovery (Gnosis Unveiled) (Volume 2)

Volume Two: Packed Full of incredible Egyptian and Sacred Geometry Art. This core material unveils new information concerning an expanded understanding of numerology and language, which decodes the keys to the Language of Light, proving the existence of a greater unified theory. Discover the underlying codes that reveal how to release your Divine consciousness. Learn about what the Gnostic Jesus was teaching and his connection to ancient Egypt. The 7th Seal literally cracks the Bible Code and unveils the hidden meaning behind key phrases, which unlocks the truth about the apocalypse (meaning to uncover what is hidden) and the deeper understanding of the prophecy and next Event Horizon in our life times – the next Golden Age.

The 7th Seal uncovers the lost road map home and the keys to unlocking the meta-mechanics of the Universe, Immortality and Thoth’s Meta-sciences. Awaken to your Divinty Now! The Hidden Wisdom of the Ancient Mystery Schools is a deep part of many Spiritual Practices. The 7th Seal Material that has been put forth by Mathues Imhotep has finally received a fuller and higher level clearance for public consumption. This Material was brought through over 20 years ago and has been a life long work of the Author MS (Identity Hidden, due to work behind the scenes with the Financial System/New Banking Systems/Chinese Elders.) The 6th Seal Activation that happened in 2014 was the next level of Material that was downloaded from the Over-Soul (Highest Self) of Mathues.

The 7th Seal Mystery School (7th MS) is ready to be delivered in a series of 7 installments, which gives a complete understanding and knowledge transfer of the Key Codes, Language of Light, Activations and Inner Sacred Wisdom of the Spiritual Journey and Milestones of Ascension. Through the conscious access of his Higher Master Self and direct physical contact with the Arcturians over a period of years, Mathues has recalled, retraced, and has been shown the grand plan and wisdom of the Avataric dispensation. The awareness and understanding of a plan for Global Transformation into Ascension has been carried throughout key periods in history, revealing golden threads that have bound the Divine plan together through the periodic return (embodiment) of the Eternal Cadre – the ‘12 of the 24’ (Elohim Creator Beings) who have been preparing the way for the Divine Golden Age. By relating wisdom and sharing his experiences, Mathues has assisted many in remembering and activating their Eternal Consciousness and Master Selves as a balanced embodiment, here and now. A list of the highlights of the Series are as follows:

1. The Truth about what is hidden with the King James Version Bible
2. Hidden Secrets about St. Germain, including the known esoteric side
3. Decoding the hidden wisdom of REVELATIONS
4. Hidden Wisdom within the Gnostic Scriptures
5. Key Codes from all the ancient scriptures
6. The proof of the Language of Light Hidden within the English Language
7. Why the Great Pyramids of Egypt are aligned and constructed to match the pattern and location of the Constellation of Orion
8. The Secret of the Return of the Goddess
9. The Heart and Mind Unification Codes
10. Evidence of a Golden Age and Activation of Divine Consciousness
11. Increased Synchronicity by exposure to this material and the 7th Seal, and many more “highlights” throughout the entire Series.