Gnostic Mystic’s – 7th Seal Mystery School

As the Author of the 7th Seal, I will present new material and my latest information from my upcoming new book: The Lost Keys – “The Divine Codes for the Grand Awakening”

I will be introducing the 7th Seal Activator and we will do a master activation. 

The main focus of the presentation will follow the highlights below:

  1. The Golden Gate 11/22 – An actual time/date/event as a portal/alignment that has been identified in Ancient Egypt
  2. The Language of Light – The actual words that describe the Ascension process and story are encoded with Numbers and Frequencies.
  3. The Creation of the English Language – Sir Francis Bacon and his pen pal team finalized Tudor English and created Modern English, encoding the Divine Codes into the words that carry the wisdom keys. Bacon also edited the King James Bible and encoded it with the Language of Light and the Bible Code itself. The Headpiece of the original KJB is artwork, which has hidden wisdom portrayed in it. This is an Isopsephia! 
  4. The “Phoenix in the Sky” – The Zodiac tells the ancient story of Ascension. It is an area of the sky that depicts all the elements of the keys that unlock Divine Consciousness. 
  5. The 7th Seal Activation –  The Crown Charka is the key to accessing higher levels of consciousness. Ascension is the process of going online with your higher self and finally connecting more fully with your oversoul. The 7th Seal Activator was channeled by Mathues and actually works with you at the level of awakening you are currently at. If you have never had a kundilini activation, you will when you sit on it. If you have not had a heart awakening, you will when you hold the seal to your heart. If you have not had a crown opening, you will when you work with this seal.

This year on 11/22, the planet and its alignment with the Central Sun and its exposure to the Photon Beam will receive a burst of energy that will bring those that have done the spiritual work into a higher frequency and dimensional reality and into a higher alignment with their oversouls.

Each year, the month of November has been an acceleration of synchronicity and alignment to higher frequencies. This ancient story has been preserved in many ways so that humanity would have the opportunity to gather the knowledge necessary to claim its Divine Birth Right!  


There will be a number of events, classes and further activations ongoing.  

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